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New Members / Re: Avatars
« Last post by Jennifer on May 13, 2018, 01:08:09 PM »
I have already stated that offensive images, such as racist propaganda, are flat out banned and don't even have a chance of being tolerated. But there are some images that have a double meaning. For example the swastika. For those that don't know, the actual swastika is an ancient holy Buddhist symbol. It means prosperity, good fortune, health, peace, and the like.

The inverted crucifix is another. For those that don't know, when the apostle Peter was being crucified he asked for a last request. He asked to be crucified upside down because he didn't feel worthy to die the same way as Christ. His last wish was granted and he was crucified upside down. So the inverted cross to many is a symbol of humility and respect. Even the pope carries it.

So if you have a NON-PREJUDICE reason for wanting to use an image such as these, post a request to the forum and ask if everyone would be ok with it. Explain the meaning behind the image. Where it comes from, and why you are wanting to use it. If one person objects, then you can't use it. I'm not trying to be domineering, tyrannical, or whatever, but it's my job to make sure that everyone here feels safe and secure. And the sad truth is that some people may ask to use an image like these under the guise of respect and kindness, when they actually are using it as a prejudice slap in the face in secret. So there will be very few, if any at all, requests granted. If you have interest, you can't ask for this immediately after sign up. You have to be here a while and let everyone get to know you. When you are known to not be a troll, then you can ask. Just don't hold your breath.
Announcements From Staff / Host Website
« Last post by Jennifer on May 08, 2018, 03:31:42 PM »
I will be taking over the website that this forum is hosted at. My friend has gotten bored with their site and has offered me the domain. Their site won't be deleted, since my friend put a lot of time and work into it. But it won't be available to the public anymore. The new name for the website will be Allied Humanity For Transgender Unity. I will be working on it quite a bit, and building as much into it as I can. I'm not a professional web developer, and I'm not as skilled as my friend, but I'll do what I can. When I get a good base set up I'll let everyone know.

If you feel the urge, you're all more than welcome to offer ideas and pointers. Any and all constructive criticism is more than welcome.
Parents Of Transgender Children / Starting a Support Group for parents in STL
« Last post by ktennill77 on May 04, 2018, 10:10:56 PM »
Hello there. I am a therapist and Mental Health Advocate in St. Louis and I would like to start a support group for parents of trans-gender children. Please let me know if this is something of interest.
I am eager and supportive to get this going asap. Potentially Saturdays in Creve Coeur.
I have offered to volunteer my time in this category and the other topics within the "Mental Health & Family Issues" section. I would love to hear from you.
Introductions / Re: Me
« Last post by Jennifer on April 19, 2018, 09:36:08 PM »
I've been to the center project several times oversubscribed the years. It's just seemed to me like they are for the LGB community and forsake the transgender community. So I pretty much gave up on them.
Introductions / Re: Me
« Last post by Avery on April 19, 2018, 05:22:09 PM »
There are a lot of us in town. I know the LGBT center has a trans meetup group. a friend of mine used to go to it. i know over christmas they gave away a lot of packages out to us. i ended up getting one. had a binder and boxers and a new packer. its called the center project.
Introductions / Re: Me
« Last post by Jennifer on April 19, 2018, 03:17:13 PM »
Hello Avery. It's nice to meet you. I was starting to wonder if I had any brothers here in town. I was beginning to think it was just us girls. ;)

I'm glad you found this place. It's starting to seem like people are coming by and signing up. Maybe we can finally get some actual meetups going, if enough people are interested.

But that's off topic. So I guess, just hang out and have fun!

Introductions / Me
« Last post by Avery on April 19, 2018, 02:45:01 PM »
My name is Avery. I am 32 and live in Columbia, Mo. I am F2M and happily married to the love of my life. My wife is really understanding and supportive. We have a 5 year old special needs daughter. She is our world. Nice to meet everyone
Those Who Dislike Labeling Themselves / Re: Hi5
« Last post by Jennifer on April 18, 2018, 06:48:40 PM »
Hey it's fine. I understand what you're going thru. I'm virtually wheelchair bound myself. I have advanced muscular dystrophy. It's pure hell, but there's not much that can be done about it. There's not a whole lot of people that come here to the forum. We have a few regulars, but still not a lot of activity. But if you like what you see, you're more than welcome to try to help get the ball rolling.
Those Who Dislike Labeling Themselves / Hi5
« Last post by Mohawkx79x on April 18, 2018, 06:09:26 PM »
Hi, there I'm an unlabeled human in a wheelchair. After losing my gender by becoming paralyzed I no longer fit in society. I feel like a robot in a time where robots were characters in 'Mystery Science Theater 3000.' At that time I had just bought my first TV drinking a cold beer after work watching these weird robots talk during a silent movie that seems really familiar...  Dreams I guess anyway there's like no questions being asked on most of these forums whats up with that?  O0 Why is always got to be me breaking the ice?  Oh right cause I rolled out on to the pond, well that's cause someone pushed me and I forgot my brakes.

    I have found Abstract painting to help bide my time till the next phase happens. I'm mostly online don't socialize anymore in person because of peoples fear. I dealing with a whole another level of life and I miss conversations with strangers. I know that's weird but people are strangers when you're stranger so... Hi5

P.S. I apologize for the confusion.  ;D >:D
Politics / Re: Impeach
« Last post by Jennifer on April 16, 2018, 08:31:07 PM »
Because a brainless monkey would make a better president than trump. He's a psychopath who's only interested in making his bank account bigger. He doesn't care in the least for the people of this country. He is doing his best to destroy the United States. And he's damn close to accomplishing that goal. He is the reason WW3 is about to hit. We are all completely screwed. Personally, I want him not only impeached, but dead. Execute him. NOW.

There have been many people throughout my life that I've disliked and hated, but just the mere mention of his name makes my blood boil, and makes me start seething with rage. I get sick to my stomach, I start having anxiety severe enough to lead to panic attacks. I get to the point where I almost need to admit myself to a psych ward for a few days. To say I can't stand him would be the biggest understatement of all time.

I could tolerate Pence. I don't like republicans, but I could live with Pence. But when trump won, I started with 100% serious intention, looking at real estate in Canada. If it wasn't for the money end of it, I would be Canadian now.
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