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Title: Anyone else write?
Post by: Jennifer on June 02, 2018, 03:47:32 PM
Does anyone else here write? I love writing. At the moment I have 2 novels, 3 short stories, and a lot of unconventional poetry under my belt. I'm not published, and don't know if I have any plans on ever actually trying to get published. I just do it because I enjoy it. I have the novels and shorts uploaded on this website, but one of them, while still listed there isn't linked at the moment. There's a huge part of the story that I'm removing and rewriting at the moment. Ever since writing that part I never liked it. Don't ask why I kept on with it, because I don't know either. But back to the original question does anyone else write? What do you write?
Title: Re: Anyone else write?
Post by: opie on July 19, 2018, 11:46:42 AM
No. No time for conventional writing. I script computer code ?  :)) Thats sort of writing  :)) . My kid loves writing. The last thing I wrote was years ago (like 35 years ago):

Hand in hand Fingers entwined
Not a word is spoken

In the warmth And after glow
From a setting Sun

A man and woman go
So peaceful and serene

Along the sands of distant shores
Contemplating dreams.