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Welcome to the AHFTU transgender community support forum. All are welcome. The forum is to help and educate anyone from or for the LGBTQ community. Friends, family, and well wishers are welcome to join in.

If for any reason you have difficulty registering, you can contact me at longhaired_rocker1982@hotmail.com and I will help you as best I can.

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Author Topic: Member Group Definitions & Staff Roster  (Read 2015 times)


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Member Group Definitions & Staff Roster
« on: April 23, 2017, 06:28:17 PM »

This is a quick explanation of the colored titles you see around the board.

Administrator - Operator of the forum. Each administrator has the right to appoint staff to whatever level they feel appropriate, except administrator. That right rests entirely with me.
Global Moderator - Almost like an Administrator, minus a few abilities. They can still moderate every forum, but do not have the privilege to appoint staff.
Moderator - Takes care of specific board(s). And in order for a Moderator to gain access to the staff section they will also be added as a Familiar.
Familiar - Technically has no power to change anything, but has shown exceptional value to the community and is therefore recognized for it. Hence, is recognized as a staff member, the same as mods and admins.

Current staff sits as follows:

Administrator - Jennifer
Global Moderator - >none<
Moderator - >none<
Familiar - Rain Dew


Parole - This is not a staff position but will be defined here. People on parole are the ones causing trouble. If you are placed in this group, you are being watched very carefully. The amount of time you spend on parole will be determined by the initial offense. People on parole will be kept anonymous from the rest of the forum during their time on parole.


If you believe you could be an asset to the staff PM me and explain why you believe you could help. List any experience you have as staff at any given forum, or webmastering experience, or whatever you would deem relevant or important enough to tell me. There is always a need for more staff, so please let me know if you can help.
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