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Welcome to the AHFTU transgender community support forum. All are welcome. The forum is to help and educate anyone from or for the LGBTQ community. Friends, family, and well wishers are welcome to join in.

If for any reason you have difficulty registering, you can contact me at longhaired_rocker1982@hotmail.com and I will help you as best I can.

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Author Topic: Hello, I am new  (Read 2863 times)


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Hello, I am new
« on: June 25, 2018, 08:06:33 PM »

Hello! My name is Cedric and I'm 20. I live in Illinois but not too far from Missouri itself so I hope its ok to post here. I'm Pre-op transitioning to male but I can't safely transition yet. I'm hoping I'll be able to be myself soon.
Some of my interests are poetry and mythology.
It is nice to meet you and I hope we can be friends.  :)


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Re: Hello, I am new
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2018, 10:01:50 AM »

Hello Cedric. You are absolutely welcome to post here. Just because it says Missouri at the top of the page doesn't mean it's limited to only Missouri. I only called it that, because I personally am from Missouri. Hopefully soon, there will be a wide enough range of people here that I can change it to Midwest or Central USA or something like that.

You and I share some of the same interests. I love poetry, and have written a bunch of unconventional poetry myself. I also love mythology. Fantasy is my favorite genre of book. My absolute favorite novel is Knight's Wyrd. And yes, that's supposed to say Wyrd. You can find it on eBay for next to nothing. I just picked up a hard cover first edition in perfect condition for $5 with no shipping. Paperback copies are almost being given away, which I don't understand because the book is flat out amazing. It's gotten to the point to where I loosely "collect" copies of it. I have somewhere in the vicinity of 15-20 copies with a healthy mix of paper back and hard back.

We all hope to make friends with you also.

And please forgive me taking so long to welcome you. I've been out of town for a good while, and left my phone at home, so I had no way to check things out here.

LGBTQ = Love, Generosity, Bravery, Trust, Quality

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