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Welcome to the AHFTU transgender community support forum. All are welcome. The forum is to help and educate anyone from or for the LGBTQ community. Friends, family, and well wishers are welcome to join in.

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Author Topic: HRC: Sessions Becomes Tongue-Tied on Indefensible License to Discriminate  (Read 1193 times)


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Sessions is an idiot. He knew what he was signing into law. The fact that he cant justify it just shows how deep his bigotry and hate goes.



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These barbaric "people" make me both sick and enraged at the same time. This kind scum doesn't even deserve to live. And the fact that the psychopaths trump and pence supporting this? Pretty soon trump is going to try to pass a law that makes it open season year round with no bag limit. I'm about to puke, right now. I'm also so far beyond seething with rage I can't think. What we need to do is get a huge LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 event scheduled to fight this kind of bigotry. And the word "bigotry" is so far beyond an understatement, that I can't even begin to wrap my mind around it.
LGBTQ = Love, Generosity, Bravery, Trust, Quality

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