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Author Topic: Rules & Regulations  (Read 4977 times)


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Rules & Regulations
« on: April 16, 2017, 09:49:55 PM »

There are several rules you need to know, and abide by.


1- All are welcome to join. There is no reason a person will be denied from signing up. Therefore if you are prejudice in any way, keep it to yourself. If you make it a problem you will either find yourself suspended, placed on parole, deleted, or possibly even banned. Prejudice comments are 100% forbidden, and I absolutely will NOT tolerate them. Consequences will be severe for such things.

2- Please indicate which pronouns are proper to be used when referring to you, if any apply.

3- Please post at least an introduction (or another topic if you prefer) when you register so I know you're not a spam bot, and so that I don't delete your account by accident. If you sign up, and don't at least log in once in a while to let me know that you are at least using your account, you may be deleted after an excessive period of absence (100 days), but you are always able to sign up again.

4- If you have a genuine complaint, bring it up to a member of the staff, in a PM and we will do what we can to resolve the situation. If the staff member isn't sure what to do to help, they will forward the complaint to an administrator. So if you are having a problem give it some time to be fully addressed.


6- Any racial, religious, or defamatory terms are forbidden. You know what the terms are and they will NOT be tolerated.

7- Posting of another members personal information, even if they have the information readily available in their profile, is not allowed in any way. This includes but is not limited to; legal name, email address, physical address, phone number(s), or legal status and the like, are strictly forbidden. If you want to post such things in your own profile, you are free to do so, but I STRONGLY recommend against it.

8- Unwarranted sexual advances are not allowed. If you and another member want to meet face to face privately, and it leads to anything, then you proceed at your own risk. I am not and can not be held responsible for any repercussions. Just remember that this is not a hook up forum. I won't try to deny you the right to make your own choices, but I ask that you not try to look strictly for sex here.

9- If a problem arises, such as a fight, we will do what we can to be fair to all parties involved, but that may not always be possible. What we would try to do is find a way for all parties involved to reach a mutual understanding. Staff members brought in to mediate a situation are strictly forbidden from taking one persons side over another. If a staff member commits this act they may lose their staff status and be suspended for a period. What ever would be appropriate. NO ONE is exempt from punishment regardless of their position at this forum, including me.

10- We may have some of our younger friends come here in need of support. One thing I would like to note, is that teens and children face special circumstances that the older demographic does not. Therefore if you are having a difficult time following what they are posting about, be patient. Just because you are older, and possibly more experienced, does not mean you are smarter. One of the worst things you can do with a child (online anyway) is discourage them.

11- Try to watch your language. There are a few words already censored. We are fairly lenient on language use, but if a vulgarity is every other word you use, your posts will be deleted. Attempts to go around the censoring by throwing a special character such as an asterisk in place of a letter of the word will result in your posts being deleted. The words in question are censored for a reason.

12- Keep it civil. There is no reason for flame wars. If you have to flame someone do it away from this forum. Preferably not at all, but obviously I can't control your actions. As such harassing another member will not be tolerated in any way. If you feel you are being harassed, contact an administrator directly and we will investigate the matter to determine what actions will be taken. Also, I am not going to ask you to like everyone here. That would be unfair and disrespectful of me. But I do ask, as already stated, that you remain civil. Just remember you have the ability to block people that you don't like. That would be a preferable option from the staff point of view. And yes, you can block me also if you wish. There is no one that can't be blocked, so I will be asking staff to keep an open mind and not block someone. If they start blocking people, then they won't be able to do their job properly.

13- While respect is earned, being civil needs to be automatic at this forum. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

14- AHFTU will not condone attacks, flaming or disparaging comments, against any website or online group, even if we disagree with their views. We will not infringe on the rights of others to express their opinions or views on their own forums or pages. Posts may, however, be made, or information included in on-going threads about organized petitions that have been started, such as at change.org or other similar sites.



1- Be mature. Unless you are a child, don't act like one.

2- Ignorance is to be expected in certain areas. It is to be understood, and accepted.

3- Intelligence in the matters you discuss is appreciated. If it is something you are truly uneducated about, take the time to ask questions and learn from other users. Or do a search online if that's preferred.

4- Remember that differing views make for entertaining, and educating chat. You are welcome to express your point of view as you wish, as long as it is offered in a respectful way.

5- BBC code is allowed, however HTML is not.

6- You are allowed to post pictures of almost anything you would like. However there are restrictions. Nothing pornographic, nothing that would be inflammatory such as racist images, nothing copyrighted unless you have permission*, or anything that is just in bad taste.

7- Type out the full word. Don't use "u" to mean "you", "r" to mean "are", etc. Acronyms such as LOL, WTH, IMO, LMAO, TBH, and so on are fine, tho.

8- If you want a different display name, you don't need to delete your account and sign up for a new one. Just PM an admin and we can change it for you. Just don't over use this. We're not going to change your name every month.

9- No animated avatars. Some may have a slower connection speed than others, and animation can cause slower load time. Also avatars must be in good taste. Nothing that could be deemed offensive is allowed. This doesn't mean your avatar has to be selected from the ones here. You are welcome to use virtually anything you want. If for any reason it's deemed inappropriate, a staff member will ask you to find something else, but it will not be an order unless it is something that is strictly forbidden. If you continuously upload inappropriate avatars after being warned you will lose the ability and an avatar will either be chosen for you by the staff, or no avatar at all will be available to you.

10- You can post animations and videos in your posts if you wish, just don't go overboard with it. It can get really old really quick for those that have a slow connection if every post they come across has some form of video in it.

11- If you are creating a new topic and aren't sure of where to post it, put it in the General Discussion board. If it's in the wrong place, a staff member will move it to the correct forum.

12- If you hear something and don't know if it is a rumor or fact, please don't profess it to be absolute either way.

13- The default language for the forum is English(American), but there are several languages you can choose from in the account settings of your profile. If you need help, contact an administrator and we will set the language for you.

14- When you reply to a topic, don't just give only an emoji, or something such as an LOL. Add something to the discussion. Even if it's only 3 words, as long as it contributes to the discussion.

15- For new members, until you have made 5 posts you are required to verify yourself each time to post. It's an extra security measure to keep bots from posting.

*Copyrighted images are often times open to use without needing written permission. Things like logos for your favorite sports team or band. If that's what you're wanting then by all means, go for it. But there are things such as the Google logo, Facebook logo, Disney logo, and so on that could possibly become a problem if you used their logo. That is where the permission part comes in.


The staff has final say in all matters. We also reserve the right to modify these rules at any time with or without notice. It is your responsibility to keep up to date on them.
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